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our story

Bese Bazaar is an e-marketplace and lifestyle brand that offers a conscious, curated shopping experience by showcasing clean & ethical luxury goods of small Black-owned brands. Bese Bazaar was curated for Black women who seek to normalize living sustainable, socially-conscious, and wellness-oriented lives that can satisfy their appetite for clean aesthetics and superior quality.

Bese Bazaar's mission is to be a disruptor of the mainstream retail industry by using cooperative economics to celebrate ethical production, clean ingredients, and sustainable materials in every collection.

We envision a world where it is possible to experience the joy of beauty and self-expression without first requiring us to turn a blind eye to injustice.


our founder

Hello beloved! I am Ayana Albertini-Fleurant, founder of the Bese Bazaar. I am a multifaceted advocate for justice and liberation within fashion, beauty, and the environment. I was raised by Haitian immigrant parents in Brooklyn, NY, and was introduced to a natural, sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle in my early childhood, making me aware of the sanctity of my internal and external environments. After I graduated from Howard University to pursue a career in environmental protection and justice, I continuously connected the dots between the exploitation of people and the planet, and I could no longer separate the two.

As my social and environmental awareness steepened, I could no longer ignore the dark sides of the industries that brought me the most joy-- fashion, beauty, and personal care. As a self-identifying pleasure activist, I decided to begin wearing my values --literally. I conceived Bese Bazaar as a platform that would make it easy and empowering for other Black women to embrace conscious living in a way that is tailored to us. I firmly believe that redirecting the impact of beauty & fashion in society can nurture a community of care while sustaining revolutionary joy.

Love and light,