our values

bese saka

Bese Saka is a symbol in the Adinkra code in the Akan culture of Ghana, West Africa. The name of the symbol literally translates to "sack of kola nuts" and it represents affluence, abundance and unity. Kola nuts were a valuable cash crop that was used as a form of currency for the barter system in Ghana (and used to flavor the first cola soft drink). Kola nuts symbolize the importance of trade as a means of bringing people together and building community. 

We believe that "there is abundance in unity". By bringing together ethical Black-owned brands and artisans, not only are we able to shrink our supply chains, but we are able to build a self-sustaining community of care. Bese Bazaar makes it possible to show up for environmental, ethical, social and political forms of care for your community, all by enjoying the things that you love.



Ujamaa is a Swahili word that refers to the practice of cooperative economics. It is also the fourth principle of Kwanzaa. Ujamaa is a call for the Black community to self-define it's economic future by collectively owning, governing and controlling the economic institutions that serve our communities and societies. 

We believe that by practicing cooperative economics and mutual aid, we are able to reinvent economic systems and redistribute our resources in a way that is regenerative and non-extractive. Buying Black and ethical helps us to make the conscious choice to divest from exploitative structures while building up a solidarity economy.



asase ye duru

Asase Ye Duru is another symbol in the Adinkra code of the Akan people modern-day Ghana. Literally translated, it means "the earth has weight" and it represents the power, providence and divinity of Mother Earth. This symbol humbles us, as it reminds us that we owe our existence to the Earth's life sustaining powers. 

We believe that minimizing the environmental impact of our products and operations while constantly seeking ways to be more sustainable as a business is our utmost responsibility. We showcase goods made with natural ingredients and sustainable materials because we understand that what is good for the Earth is also good for our bodies. We also understand that sustainability is not a new or foreign concept and that is an integral part of African ancestral wisdom. 

This symbol was the inspiration for Bese Bazaar's secondary logo.